Hydraulic pistons are often scratched, pitted, and bumped, leading to oil leakage and pressure capacitors. These types of damage need to be thoroughly treated by Chrome Plating treatment for hydraulic pistons.

  1. Chemically remove the old Chrome Plating layer
  2. Check the size, and surface defects of the tub
  3. Carry out welding to repair surface defects
  4. Piston round grinding on a dedicated circular grinder
  5. Polished to 10 . gloss
  6. Hard chrome plating standard size kích
  7. Finish polishing.
  8. Finishing inspection of hydraulic cylinders to open and close the ship’s hatch

After finishing processing the hydraulic cylinder barrel and hydraulic piston of the press.

We carry out assembling hydraulic presses on specialized Hydraulic Cylinder Disassembly machines.
After complete assembly, the hydraulic press is connected to the hydraulic power unit and tested for pressure and load. and packing for delivery to customers.
This method saves costs, and the quality of the repaired product reaches 99% like new product.

Fabrication Process Of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder is an indispensable part in the chain of industrial machinery.

Therefore, the use of a well-designed hydraulic cylinder and a tight production process will make the plant line operate efficiently, minimizing the possibility of damage.

  • Materials: Popular steel grades such as S45C, S50C, SCM 440 …
  • Shaped processing
  • Heat treatment surface: 2.5mm
  • Grinding Round to tolerance H7
  • Hard Chrome Plating optimal thickness 60-100 um.
  • Polishing: Finishing Gloss 0.2 um
  • Machining the cylinder cylinder with the standard of roundness, gloss, and the most effective is Hard Chrome Plating Hydraulic Cylinder Barrel
  • Seal- high quality hydraulic seals from well-known brands such as Packer, NOK …
  • Assembled on dedicated assembly machine
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test.

Repairing Hydraulic Cylinders

The common damage in hydraulic cylinder operation:

Hydraulic presses during operation often encounter problems that lead to damage as follows:

Damaged hydraulic power pack:

Heavy duty industrial hydraulic cylinder

nong xylanh - thủy lực sài gòn

The hydraulic power pack in a hydraulic press is often damaged for a number of objective reasons:

Motor failure: Replace the Motor

Broken vales system: Cleaning or replacement.

Damaged hydraulic pump: Check repair or replacement.

Damaged Hydraulic Cylinder:

Hydraulic presses in the process of working are unavoidable incidents, the most common of which is pressure drop, or flow (soy sauce).

Common causes of damage to a Hydraulic Press are as follows:

  • Dirt: The dirt in the environment or the dirt from hydraulic oil, especially sand, integrated on the hydraulic seal for a long time makes the cylinder cylinder surface scratched.
  • Extremely harsh environment: some hydraulic cylinders need to work in the air for long periods of time, or in harsh environments such as the sea with high salt and moisture content in the air, causing corrosion. local or full working surface of cylinder.
  • Misbehavior: Hydraulics operate improperly, resulting in overload or physical damage resulting in cylinder scratches, bends, or cracks.


Hard Chrome Plated Cylinder

Chromed plating cylinder brick molding machine


Hydraulic pistons are often scratched, pock-marked, and bumped leading to oil leakage, condensation. These types of damage need to be treated thoroughly by treating Chromium Plating for Hydraulic Piston.

hydraulic piston damaged

Cylinder Hydraulic Piston

Piston Thủy Lực

Hard chrome Plating Requirement For Hydraulic Piston

For hydraulic piston. Chromium plating is required to have subtle cracks to facilitate the passage of oil molecules, limiting friction with seal seals.

Each stage has a separate processing process to bring the highest efficiency, restore and improve the productivity of machinery …

Chromium Plating. Hard Hydraulic Barrel

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